Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel   |  September 30 - October 3, 2018

Day 3 – Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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Day 1
03 Oct 2018

Creating an Enterprise-Wide View of Risks Through Deep Learning

This session will address the theme of “The Agile Auditor in the Age of Disruption” by telling the story of Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) venture into adopting machine learning technologies to transform the way risk information is analyzed...
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Shivji, Dean
Kyriakatos, Sandy

Developing a New Leadership Model – Session delivered in French

A FEW FACTS & STATS :There is no more ‘business as usual’. The shocks of the 2007-08 financial crash, and its recession-wracked aftermath, companies are prioritizing risk management as never before.Audit/Risk is no longer a defensive weapon but also a strategic tool. MANAGING...
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Nathalie Francisci
Francisci, Nathalie

The CAE & CFO Relationship: Partnership For Success

This topic fits in very well to the Conference theme of The Agile Auditor in the Age of Disrution.  It will intoduce thought provoking themes for Audit Departments to break away from reporting to the CFO function or enable them to see how to...
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Michael Fucilli
Fucilli, Michael

Prepare for Blockchain Disruption: The Basics and What It Means

Blockchain technology is founded on the basics of cryptography and has been used for years as the underpinning of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While it has obvious applications in the Financial Services industry for payments, Blockchain is a way of...
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Balakrishnan, Ram

Disruptions and fraud risk management – Are you well equipped? – Session delivered in French

This session will contribute to the theme of the conference from the outset by addressing some of the disruptions that organizations face today and their impacts on the implementation of various fraud schemes. In addition, considering that the internal auditor...
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Brillant, Aïsha
Benoit Legaul
Legault, Benoit

Role of Internal Audit in Conduct Risk and the MeToo Movement

Given what has occurred in media and financial companies, and the MeToo movement, what are Internal Audit’s roles and responsibilities in conduct risk? Why are internal controls so lacking? What causes human resources to be captured and ineffective? What are...
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Leblanc, Richard

“Let the Elephants Run, Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything” by David Usher Book Signing

Come and buy your own copy of “Let the Elephants Run, Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything” by David Usher and get it signed! ($24.10 each including applicable tax)Get this book from iTunes.
Usher, David