Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel   |  September 30 - October 3, 2018

Day 2 – Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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Day 1
02 Oct 2018

Opening Keynote – Strategy in a World of Disruption

Since the dawn of civilization, when converging technologies go from scarcity to abundance, the world fundamentally changes. We always see an explosion in new challenges, new behaviours and new opportunities. The only difference is that today, technologies are on an...
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Shawn Kanungo
Kanungo, Shawn

Fraud Detection: Words Never Lie but People Do – Detecting Deception in Everyday Communications

A Hungarian proverb states “Man was given a tongue with which to speak, and words to hide his thoughts”. In public statements, interviews, and social media, deception has become a norm in communications in our digital age. With so many...
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Nejolla Korris
Korris, Nejolla

Why Blockchain should be on Internal Audit’s radar – Will you be ready?

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology (DLT), is a new digital technology that represents a foundational shift in record keeping on a world-wide basis.  It is a question of “when”, not “if” Blockchain will become an area that internal audit will...
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Laurent Feral-Pierssens
Feral-Pierssens, Laurent

Auditing Gender Equality : Bringing it to the Next Level – Session delivered in French

The public sector, as a key actor of civil society has to demonstrate that it abides by the values of democracy, diversity and tolerance. Gender equality encompasses all these, and has been entrenched in a number of international agreements. However,...
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Genest, Yves

Cocktail Party Skills for Auditors

The theme is The Agile Auditor in an Age of Disruption. According to Webster, to be agile is to have a quick resourceful and adaptable character.  Disruption is defined as being thrown into disorder.  Amid this disorder, the auditor can provide a...
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Sylvie Soucy
Soucy, Sylvie

The Robots Are Coming!!! The Robots are Coming!!! How to Avoid Audit Extinction

Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the employment landscape across the country and around the world.  We are already seeing many examples of companies accelerating purchases of...
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Michael Fucilli
Fucilli, Michael

Strategies to Improve the Maturity of Data Analytic Capabilities – Case Study for a Medium Size (10) Audit Team – Session delivered in French

Improving the maturity of data analytic capabilities is a top concern for many internal audit teams who want to improve their efficiency and keep pace with their organizations’ rapidly evolving data analytics functions. Although many organizations with large audit teams...
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Jean-Francois Willis
Willis, Jean-François

What the Early Days of Radar Can Teach us About Detecting Staffing Risks in the Federal Public Service

This session will explore the importance of an organization’s approach to gathering intelligence that is able to accurately detect real threats versus imagined threats. In a time of disruption – whether technological, environmental, or political – an organization that is...
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Anghel, Radu
Stan Lee
Lee, Stan

Fraud Facts and an Effective Fraud Response Plan in the Age of Disruption

This session will contribute to the conference theme of “the agile auditor in the age of disruption” through the “disruptive forces and fraud schemes” path by providing internal auditors with thoughts and tools on how to be an agile auditor...
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Shawn Hendry
Hendry, Shawn

Organizational Culture: A Competitive Advantage in an Increasingly Disruptive World

In an era of disruption, organizations are increasingly recognizing that the right culture can create a competitive advantage.  Culture is often expressed as ‘the way we do things around here’. The right culture has the right behaviours – the ones...
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Kathy Parker
Parker, Kathy

The Agile Auditor – A Coach Approach

This presentation contributes to the conference theme buy providing real examples and techniques to take your team to the next level – moving forward to be an more agile auditor.In the environment of change and disruption, coaching will assist in...
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Sheila Smigarowski
Smigarowski, Sheila
Linda Klassen
Klassen, Linda

Innovation and internal audit – Session delivered in French

Innovation is at the very heart of business strategies, whether it is to stand out from the competition, stimulate growth or simply increase productivity. The internal audit is no exception. Innovation in internal audit is the subject of many lively...
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Suzanne Rancourt
Rancourt, Suzanne
Yves Nadeau
Nadeau, Yves

Modern Government IT – Challenges and Keys to Reducing Cybersecurity Risks

Government security teams today face a daunting task, protecting mission critical infrastructures that have a level of complexity never seen before while at the same time enabling government workers and providing services to the public they serve. Many government agencies...
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Dan Carayiannis
Carayiannis, Daniel

Innovation in the Federal Government – An Innovation Maturity Model

Historically, the concept of innovation was the focus of private sector organizations as a way to establish a competitive edge in the marketplace or cut costs in order to provide increased value for shareholders. The concept of being innovative was...
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Natalie Lalonde
Lalonde, Natalie
Joanne Gorenstein
Gorenstein, Joanne

How The Classical Music Business Can Teach You Resilience, Agility and Emotions Intelligence

Agility and resilience are among the most needed skills to survive in the classical music and auditing professions alike.  The field of music performance is one of the hardest professions to get into and survive.  From seemingly impossible audition struggles...
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Korris, Taddes

Reputational Risk and Code of Conduct

Managing reputational risk effectively is essential for organizations. In the current business environment, there is a heightened potential to adversely impact the perception of stakeholders and the public. This sentiment is a concern shared globally as reflected in the following...
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Essop, Yusuf

Panel on Global Disruptions – How the Predictive Internal Auditor Can Help His Organization Foster a Culture of Agility and Resilience

Panelists will discuss the major global disruptions that affect all organizations. In addition to macroeconomic trends, other movements significantly disrupt different organizations and industries. These exchanges will enable auditors to fully understand the drivers of change for their organization and...
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De Roy, Patrick
Sieber, Alexandre
Erdman, Jeff
Fortin, Hélène F.

Data analysis applied in internal audit and how it was applied to identify a potential collusion following the Charbonneau Commission – Session delivered in French

This presentation will cover the different components of KPMG’s applied data analytics strategy, including best practices for visualizations and data mining.
Jack Martin
Martin, Jack

Leveraging Communication and Relationships for Added Value Results

Auditors must realize the power of strong communications and how to incorporate this skill to build effective relationships with team members and clients. Audit teams lacking a dedication to strong communications within their own department not only creates a negative...
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Mainardi, Robert

Cloud Service Providers – How to Assess Their Security Efficiently When There Are So Many? A Case Study

This session aims at presenting the challenges of evaluating the security requirements of a multitude of cloud service providers (CSPs) in a mid-sized organization.Every organization has to deal with an increasing number of CSPs. The services they provide impact multiple layers...
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Annie Lavoie
Lavoie, Annie
Milot, Bertrand

The Value of an External Assessment– session delivered in English & French

As the role of internal audit, and internal auditors, continues to evolve, the question of the value of an external assessment becomes more important as time goes on.  Although internal audit is being called upon to examine far beyond its...
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Kessels, Bill
Asselin, Christian

Driving Value Though Conformance with Standards…Myths, Pitfalls and Paybacks of an Agile QAIP

, ,
As expectations on Internal Auditors increase, constant disruption and change can threaten our ability to add value.  Too often, conformance with Standards and the related Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) is sacrificed through lack of understanding of how conformance...
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Archie Thomas
Thomas, Archie

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