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Leblanc, Richard

Governance Advisor, Lawyer, Author, Public Speaker, Researcher

Leblanc, Richard

Governance Advisor, Lawyer, Author, Public Speaker, Researcher

Dr. Richard Leblanc is one of Canada’s leading experts on corporate governance and accountability. He is an award-winning teacher, researcher, lawyer, public speaker, consultant and specialist on boards of directors. He has taught at leading universities including Harvard University. He received a teaching award as one of the top five university teachers in Ontario; was named to Canadian Who’s Who, and is a past recipient of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40™award.

Dr. Leblanc brings to business and professional audiences a depth of information from his extensive research and work with over 200 organizations; and from his interviewing, assessment and development of over 1,000 directors and managers. He is engaging, dynamic and personable. Because of his work with leading companies and current research, Richard is always on the cutting edge of emerging global developments.

Dr. Leblanc is the editor of the recently released, “The Handbook of Board Governance: A Comprehensive Guide for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Board Members” and “Inside The Boardroom,” and has edited or authored dozens of scholarly and practitioner articles, programs and reports.

Dr. Leblanc’s work has been described by various faculty at Harvard, Yale, London Business School and elsewhere as “great & much needed,” “wonderful and pragmatic,” “thorough” and “nothing short of remarkable,” as well as by Fortune 500, NYSE, FTSE and other company leaders as “leading edge,” “ground-breaking,” “valuable guidance,” “indispensable,” “compelling” and “exceptional.”

Dr. Leblanc’s insight has guided leaders of organizations through his teaching, research and direct consultation to government regulators and national and multi-national corporations. He has provided extensive service as an external advisor to boards of directors that have won national awards and peer endorsement for their governance practices. His applied research has been used by, and he has advised, financial and securities regulators, investors, hedge funds, and board and committee chairs. He has been retained to advise on defective boards to implement governance and shareholder accountability reform. He has evaluated boards, board committees, committee chairs and CEOs, and has advised on CEO performance and both director and CEO succession planning and removal, consistent with shareholder value creation and accountability.

Richard is frequently consulted by stakeholders – such as companies, investors, associations, partnerships, not-for-profits, the media and regulators – for the latest developments and trends, and customizes his speaking engagements and consultations to please all types of audiences. He is the founder and principal of Boardexpert.com, an advisory firm providing customized governance transformation.

Dr. Leblanc possesses an extensive professional network. He is the founder and owner of the LinkedIn Groups “Boards and Advisors,” and “Audit Committees,” with over 24,000 and 13,000 members globally, which are among the largest and most active online corporate governance groups. Dr. Leblanc adopts a framework for governance effectiveness developed over several years. His work, directly or indirectly, has impacted companies throughout the world, including those that have used Dr. Leblanc’s methodology to strengthen their governance effectiveness and accountability practices.

Dr. Leblanc holds a Bachelor of Science degree, an MBA, Canadian and American law degrees, a Masters in Law, and a PhD focusing on board of director effectiveness.

He can be reached at rleblanc@boardexpert.com, on Twitter at @drrleblanc, or through his LinkedIn group, Boards and Advisors.

Contact information:
Dr. Richard Leblanc
Boardexpert.com, Inc.
RPO Bloor St. West, PO Box 84506
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6S 4Z7
Email: rleblanc@boardexpert.com
Website: http://www.boardexpert.com

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