Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel   |  September 30 - October 3, 2018

Public sector auditing: a journey through disruption

Day 1
01 Oct 2018

Agile Audits in the Federal Public Sector

Shared Services Canada, is a new Government of Canada department created in 2011, responsible for delivering mandated email, data centre and network services to partner organizations in a consolidated and...
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Sharon Messerschmidt
Messerschmidt, Sharon
Chantal Hewston
Hewston, Chantal

Innovation. Agility. Calculated Risk-Taking

In the face of rapidly changing circumstances, increased demands and emerging opportunities, organizations are regularly being called upon to take chances in order to be more nimble and responsive.  This...
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Carmen Abela
Abela, Carmen
Julie Champagne
Champagne, Julie

Internal Audit in a Changing Government Environment– session delivered in English & French

The government environment has changed significantly in the past few years, with many having to rethink how audits are performed.  This has truly been an age of disruption, where agility...
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Bélanger, Marc
Asselin, Christian
Day 2
02 Oct 2018

Auditing Gender Equality : Bringing it to the Next Level – Session delivered in French

The public sector, as a key actor of civil society has to demonstrate that it abides by the values of democracy, diversity and tolerance. Gender equality encompasses all these, and...
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Genest, Yves

What the Early Days of Radar Can Teach us About Detecting Staffing Risks in the Federal Public Service

This session will explore the importance of an organization’s approach to gathering intelligence that is able to accurately detect real threats versus imagined threats. In a time of disruption –...
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Anghel, Radu
Stan Lee
Lee, Stan

Innovation in the Federal Government – An Innovation Maturity Model

Historically, the concept of innovation was the focus of private sector organizations as a way to establish a competitive edge in the marketplace or cut costs in order to provide...
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Natalie Lalonde
Lalonde, Natalie
Joanne Gorenstein
Gorenstein, Joanne

The Value of an External Assessment– session delivered in English & French

As the role of internal audit, and internal auditors, continues to evolve, the question of the value of an external assessment becomes more important as time goes on.  Although internal...
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Kessels, Bill
Asselin, Christian
Day 3
03 Oct 2018

Prepare for Blockchain Disruption: The Basics and What It Means

Blockchain technology is founded on the basics of cryptography and has been used for years as the underpinning of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While it has obvious applications in the...
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Balakrishnan, Ram