Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel   |  September 30 - October 3, 2018

IT audit, cybersecurity & data analytics at the dawn of the Fifth Industrial Revolution

Day 1
01 Oct 2018

When Audit Calls in the Cavalry – The Pros and Cons of Using Red Team (Ethical Hacking) as Part of an IT Audit Program – Session delivered in French

For more organizations Cyber risk is ranked first of their top risk. It is the primary concern for the Board of Director. It is also rated as a growing concern...
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Pascal Fortin
Fortin, Pascal
Kathleen Lize
Lizé, Kathleen

Governing Social Media & Digital Risk Management

Social media is a dominant force in today’s world of connectedness. Its use is still growing in all parts of the world, and with that, the risk is growing exponentially....
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Nejolla Korris
Korris, Nejolla

Data Analytics – Internal Audit Success Stories in an Age of Constant Disruption

Internal audit departments evolve from a low to high maturity with the ability to deliver value with data analytics. Internal auditors will have to evolve to reach a higher level...
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Nogiec, Derek
Grosset, Robin
Demidova, Natalia
Amyotte, Allen
Sabourin, Michel
Richard Arthurs
Arthurs, Richard
Day 2
02 Oct 2018

Why Blockchain should be on Internal Audit’s radar – Will you be ready?

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology (DLT), is a new digital technology that represents a foundational shift in record keeping on a world-wide basis.  It is a question of “when”, not...
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Laurent Feral-Pierssens
Feral-Pierssens, Laurent

Strategies to Improve the Maturity of Data Analytic Capabilities – Case Study for a Medium Size (10) Audit Team – Session delivered in French

Improving the maturity of data analytic capabilities is a top concern for many internal audit teams who want to improve their efficiency and keep pace with their organizations’ rapidly evolving...
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Jean-Francois Willis
Willis, Jean-François

Modern Government IT – Challenges and Keys to Reducing Cybersecurity Risks

Government security teams today face a daunting task, protecting mission critical infrastructures that have a level of complexity never seen before while at the same time enabling government workers and...
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Dan Carayiannis
Carayiannis, Daniel

Cloud Service Providers – How to Assess Their Security Efficiently When There Are So Many? A Case Study

This session aims at presenting the challenges of evaluating the security requirements of a multitude of cloud service providers (CSPs) in a mid-sized organization.Every organization has to deal with an increasing...
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Annie Lavoie
Lavoie, Annie
Milot, Bertrand
Day 3
03 Oct 2018

Creating an Enterprise-Wide View of Risks Through Deep Learning

This session will address the theme of “The Agile Auditor in the Age of Disruption” by telling the story of Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) venture into adopting machine...
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Shivji, Dean
Kyriakatos, Sandy