Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel   |  September 30 - October 3, 2018

Disruptive Forces & Fraud Schemes: Why Ethical Firewalls Should be Top of Mind

Day 1
01 Oct 2018

Reputation – Your Organization’s Most Fragile Strategic Asset

In the age of social media, no asset is more easily destroyed by one small misstep than reputation, and, to address this risk, auditors must think outside the box.  What...
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Leah White
White, Leah

Who Knew Internal Audit Could be Exposed to So Many Different Types of Fraud Investigations

Richard Arthurs has led over 150 investigations around the world while working in various internal audit roles. David Marks has also dealt with various types of investigations over his career...
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David Marks
Marks, David
Richard Arthurs
Arthurs, Richard

Integrating ethics into an audit and anti-fraud program: experience of the Laval’s Office of Integrity and Ethics – This Session will be delivered in French

Objectives of the presentation: Provide an overview of the context of fraud at the municipal level. Introduce the Laval’s Office of Integrity and Ethics. Highlight the role of ethics in...
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Quynh-Giao Pham
Giao-Pham, Quynh
Kaoutar Ennouhi
Ennouhi, Kaoutar
Day 2
02 Oct 2018

Fraud Detection: Words Never Lie but People Do – Detecting Deception in Everyday Communications

A Hungarian proverb states “Man was given a tongue with which to speak, and words to hide his thoughts”. In public statements, interviews, and social media, deception has become a...
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Nejolla Korris
Korris, Nejolla

Fraud Facts and an Effective Fraud Response Plan in the Age of Disruption

This session will contribute to the conference theme of “the agile auditor in the age of disruption” through the “disruptive forces and fraud schemes” path by providing internal auditors with...
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Shawn Hendry
Hendry, Shawn

Reputational Risk and Code of Conduct

Managing reputational risk effectively is essential for organizations. In the current business environment, there is a heightened potential to adversely impact the perception of stakeholders and the public. This sentiment...
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Essop, Yusuf

Data analysis applied in internal audit and how it was applied to identify a potential collusion following the Charbonneau Commission – Session delivered in French

This presentation will cover the different components of KPMG’s applied data analytics strategy, including best practices for visualizations and data mining.
Jack Martin
Martin, Jack
Day 3
03 Oct 2018

Disruptions and fraud risk management – Are you well equipped? – Session delivered in French

This session will contribute to the theme of the conference from the outset by addressing some of the disruptions that organizations face today and their impacts on the implementation of...
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Brillant, Aïsha
Benoit Legaul
Legault, Benoit